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The experts for simulating Airliners

[Last Update: 30 May 2007: Latest News]


SimPilot Forum is free to everybody, now even with NNTP (Internet Newsreader) Support - join the AS2 discussions!

AS2 Box

Airline Simulator 2 (short form AS2) features most advanced simulation of MD-83, MD-88 and B747-400 Airliners. Fly the most realistic flight models ever done on a PC around whole of Europe and across the Atlantic in highly detailed and accurate scenery. Experience the feel of aircraft and realistic workload of handling pilots in ATC guided flights through all weather conditions, cooperate with the virtual first officer who will do the system work on your command. Click here for more information on AS2.

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Have a look onto NOMISSOFT Network's refurnishment, featuring AS2, AS, ATP as well as real world aviation, chess, and Newsreader "Virtual Access". Find the latest shareware, freeware, informations, discussions, opinions, previews, real world aviation events and many more on this exciting site free of charge.

Thumbnail of Hans Kiener's cockpit

(919) 883-2694 is a major enhancement, allowing external visual systems, full screen instruments, full cockpit hardware to be linked together to form up a full representation of an airliner cockpit. AS2 Professional is also the real development platform, from which the general AS2 version is derived. The picture shows the cockpit rig produced by Hans Kiener, which is used to develop AS2 Professional software and hardware further.

Winning Team at Interstate 8

The Gallery tells stories about people, events and history linked to ATP, AS and AS2. The photograph shows the winning team of Interstate 8 (the unofficial European Championship of Flight Simulation) after flying 12 sectors within 24 hours (background left to right: Urs Wildermuth, Simon Hradecky, Richard RAC Cook; Foreground left to right: Steve Garry, Steve Kelly, Maria James and Tonny Koops).



Patti Brown, also known as "Green", is the "soul" and spirit of SimPilot Forum. Recently she was interviewed about SimPilot. Read her interview here and get a better impression, what makes SimPilot so unique!

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