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If someone were to try to put a human face on the notion of triumphing over adversity, that face would belong to Ronni-Lyn Ford. From an early age, Ronni faced many personal challenges and difficulties from which she was able to learn and grow as an individual. As an adult, Ronni has had to face many other, different challenges, which she has handled with grace and dignity. She has used the insight gleaned from her own personal experiences to help others in similar circumstances through the parent mentoring program at Madame Vanier Children's Services, project HOPE. She is an ardent advocate for special needs children, including her own son, Danny, with whom she displays the same empathy and understanding she models for parents of other high needs children. Her compassion for the plight of others and her generosity of spirit make her one of the most valued contributors to the HOPE program. Thank you, Ronni, for your hard work and dedication. You are a role model for us all.
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"Shopping for HOPE" in Byron! Organized by The Optimist Club of Byron.