investing in gold and silver is first prospects from old era. But purchasing this precious metal is not possible for smaller investor.We need some platform where we can buy this precious metal in any amount and in any denomination.but prectically it is not possible. next is now its time for digital market. so we came to this idea to make a platform where we can buy gold in digital mode and store it into a safe digital wallet. result to this thinking we developed a coin which holds the value of 1 gram of gold which called G-COIN. .

MY POCKET LOCK gives you facility to buy G-coin on line from application mode and store it in digital wallet called G coin locker. you can earn with the ups and downs of G coin rate. Also we will give you sure returns on your wallet amount. by reffering our application to your near ones , you will earn referral bonus as well as a concept called team interest.


our aim is to assure people to buy gold in digital mode and hence we will open a whole new direction of saving system. people pays lots of money as brokerage and taxes at metal trading platform but at MY POCKET lock this all will be eliminated that will save your money. after all saving money is also EARNING MONEY.


Minimum login id 10000
Maximum login id : no limit
You have to purchase G-COIN to activate your id
Your purchased coin will be blocked for 10 month. Blocked coin will be released at rate of 10% per month up to 10 month.
Activated id can be top up multiple times as you need. Top up coin will be sent to block for 10 month.
You have also option to just purchase G-coin without making block.



Earn 6% coin per month on number of blocked coin in both wallets. Whatever coin is in blocked mode will be eligible for 6% monthly interest. Interest coin will be in free mode which can be selling or withdraw from company

We are custodians with a futuristic approach and we use trading market of FOREX and CRYPTO-CURRENCY to change the life of people who believe in making a difference.


When you have 70 block coin in your wallet and your first level wallets you will be eligible for earning team interest. You will earn from 3 levels. Earning will be monthly basis and life time.
Team interest earning:
1 st level : 1%
2 nd level: 0.5%
3 rd level: 0.25%
4 th level: 0.20%
5 th level: 0.20%
For earning team interest you must have 70 blocked coins in your and your first level ids. If your block coin will be below 70 coins your team interest earning will be stopped. Team interest will be also in free coin mode.


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